Keep your eye out for the list of bills the Governor may veto!

It should be posted in the next few days — the Governor has until Monday, June 25th (that’s 35 days after adjournment sine die, not counting weekends or holidays) to provide the Legislature with his intent-to-veto list.

A bill ON the list won’t definitely be vetoed, but if a bill in Governor’s possession is NOT on the list, we know it will become law with or without his signature. [If a bill is neither signed nor vetoed by July 10th (45 days after adjournment sine die) it becomes law without signature.]

Here’s where the list will appear: link

Here’s the list of bills still pending Governor’s action: link

Feel free to call or email PAR with questions!
(808) 587-0478 or

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Trying to wrap your head around the upcoming elections?

We’ve come up with an overview of the upcoming races for the current legislative office holders that might help. A “yes” means there’s a race! Find list of candidates on Office of Elections website

Upcoming Races for Current Legislative Office Holders

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Help Hawaii on Election Day(s)!

Sign up to work on Primary Election Day (August 11) and/or General Election Day (November 6). People needed!

Here’s the form:
Here’s more info:

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Now it’s on to the Governor…

Another legislative session has ended! Next year a new Legislature (30th Legislature) will convene a new biennial legislative session (2019-2020) on January 16, 2019.

For those interested in the Governor’s deadlines to take action on bills passed by the Legislature, here is the breakdown:

1) If the Governor signs the bill by July 10, 2018 (the 45th day after adjournment sine die), the bill becomes law and is given an Act number. 
2) If the Governor neither signs nor vetoes the bill by July 10, 2018 (the 45th day after adjournment sine die), the bill becomes law without the Governor’s signature and is given an Act number.
3) If the Governor intends to veto the bill, the Governor must inform the Legislature by June 25, 2018 (the 35th day after adjournment sine die) and deliver the veto by July 10, 2018. If the bill is vetoed, it will not become law unless the Legislature successfully overrides the veto in special session by a 2/3 vote in each chamber. The Legislature must convene in special session at or before noon on July 10, 2018 to override the Governor’s veto.

Note: The date that a bill goes into effect as law can be found in its last section.

To see a list of all bills passed by the Legislature this session, please visit the following link:,SB&title=Bills%20that%20Passed%20Legislature%20(Report%20complete%20after%20all%20bills%20are%20sent%20to%20the%20Governor)

To view the latest legislative statistics, see the following:

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Wrapping things up!

Today is the last day for conference committees to find agreement on any bill that did not have a Finance (FIN) or Ways and Means (WAM) referral. The deadline for negotiations to wrap up is 6:00 p.m. (Bills with money referrals have until tomorrow.) After these deadlines, the only way for bills without a conference draft to move forward is if one chamber agrees to the other chamber’s amendments or if a bill is amended on the floor of each chamber.

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Conference Time!

We’re getting ready to move into conference! It’s when the legislators negotiate to determine which, if any, version of the bill will emerge. The rules have been posted. Interested in learning more? Come join us for a conference workshop on Wednesday, 4/11/18, 12 noon in the PAR (Room 401, State Capitol). Register here.

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Coming up Fast! Second Lateral

Time’s flying! Hearings abound! That’s because bills must pass into their final committees by Friday, 3/23 (Second Lateral Deadline)… If your bill’s still waiting on a hearing notice, don’t hesitate to reach out to the chair! Call or email PAR if you’d like to discuss..

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