A Long Session of Third Readings

The First Decking deadline for bills is Friday, March 4th — to survive, a bill must pass out of all the committees it was referred to in its originating chamber and be scheduled (“decked”) for a Third Reading vote on the floor of the House or Senate chamber.

Some bills have already passed that Third Reading vote, and are on their way to crossing over to the other chamber. A large number of bills, though, are being scheduled to be voted on during session on Tuesday, March 8th. As a result, both the House and Senate start things off early that day, and the sessions are broadcast on Olelo here on Oahu, and sent out to the neighbor islands’ PEG access channels. Want to watch? Here’s the info:

  • 9:00 a.m. House Floor Session (House Chambers)
    • Oahu: Olelo Channel 55
    • Transmitted Live to the Neighbor Islands
  • 9:30 a.m. Senate Floor Session (Senate Chambers)
    • Oahu: Olelo Channel 53
    • Tape delayed to the Neighbor Islands

Either broadcast can be watched on your computer by going to olelo.org and selecting the appropriate Oahu channel number.

Neighbor island viewers may consult the resources listed below for broadcast information.

  • Kauai:  Hoike Community Television (hoike.org), phone (808) 246-1556
  • Maui:  Akaku – Maui Community Television (akaku.org), phone (808) 871-5554
  • Big Island: Na Leo TV (naleo.tv), phone (808) 935-8874 or (808) 329-9617
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What’s Still Alive?

The First Lateral deadline for bills (February 19th) has come and gone — bills are still alive if they’ve managed to get into the last committee they were referred to in their originating chamber. The Legislature’s website has a convenient list of the bills that have survived First Lateral.

To navigate to the list:

What’s next? For bills to survive, they need to make it out of their last committee and be scheduled for 3rd reading by the First Decking deadline on March 4th. That 3rd reading has to take place in time to make the First Crossover deadline on March 10th. Then surviving bills will cross to the other chamber, and away we go with those committee referrals.

Need help understanding the process? Contact the Public Access Room at 587-0478 or par@capitol.hawaii.gov.

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Session Begins! Where are the Bills?

The 2016 Legislative Session started on 1/20 — it’s the second year of the 28th Legislature. While bills that carried over from last year can still be acted upon, new bills are also being introduced. Where to find them?

On the Legislature’s website (capitol.hawaii.gov), click on the “Reports and Lists” button in the center column. There you’ll find links to “House Bills with Action Taken in 2016 Only” and “Senate Bills with Action Taken in 2016 Only.” The new House bills start from the number HB1516, and the new Senate bills start from the number SB2001. The reports make it easy to browse through the descriptions to find bills that may interest you. Bills will continue to be introduced until the 1/27 bill introduction deadline.

Remember — if you need help finding bills, hearing notices, setting up tracking lists, or understanding the process, let us know! PAR’s always happy to help.

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Grants-in-Aid (GIA) Applications

While we don’t know exactly when the application for Grant-in-Aid (GIA) funds will be available, we do know the deadline to complete and submit them — 4:30 p.m. on January 22, 2016.

The GIA application and instructions will be posted on the Legislature’s website (capitol.hawaii.govsometime the week of December 21st. To find them, just click on the “Legislative Information” bar on the right, and then click on the 2016 Grant-in-Aid link.

Wondering what Grant-in-Aid is all about? Grants may be appropriated to nonprofit and other organizations for various public purposes that are recognized as priorities and are seen as complimentary to state government functions. If they are available, they will be under consideration during the 2016 Regular Session. (FYI: You can view the list of awardees and submitted applications for last year by clicking on the 2015 Grant-in-Aid link on the “Legislative Information” page.)

Happy holidays!

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‘Tis the Season… Apply for Work at the Capitol!

It’s that time of year! Offices at the Capitol are looking for capable temporary staff to help in a wide variety of positions during the 2016 legislative session.

For more information and to apply:

House of Representativescapitol.hawaii.gov/hjobs.aspx

Senate 2016 Session employmentcapitol.hawaii.gov/sjobs.aspx

And the Public Access Room is looking to fill two positions. We’re a wonderful place to work, and you’ll gain valuable knowledge and experience of the legislative process, working with people, and the ins-and-outs of the Capitol. Call or email us for a position description and more information! (808/587-0478 or par@capitol.hawaii.gov)


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Register to vote online!

You can now register to vote online! You can also update your registration, confirm your registration address, and request to vote by mail.

Just visit the Office of Elections at elections.hawaii.gov and click on “Register to Vote.” If you have questions, contact the Office of Elections at 808/453-8683 or elections@hawaii.gov.

If you’re not registered, do it today! And spread the word!

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Adjournment sine die! (Session pau for now!)

Mark your calendars:  Session gets underway again next year on the third Wednesday in January -- January 20th, 2016.

Mark your calendars: Session gets underway again next year on the third Wednesday in January — January 20th, 2016.

The 2015 Regular Session ended Thursday, May 7th. A total of 252 bills passed the Legislature this session! All but one (SB143, a proposed Constitutional Amendment that will appear on the 2016 ballot) have gone off to the Governor for possible enactment.

Find the growing list of 2015 Acts on the “Reports and Lists” page of the the Legislature’s website. Just scroll down to the “Governor’s Action” section, where you’ll find links for what’s pending on his desk and what’s been enacted.

As for the deadlines — PAR’s April Newsletter spells it all out, but in a nutshell:

  • The Governor has until June 29th to inform the Legislature of any bills being considered for a veto; and
  • He must veto or sign all the bills enrolled to him by July 14th, or they become law without his signature.

Take a look at the newsletter for more information about the enactment of bills, and don’t hesitate to contact PAR if you have any questions!

PAR = Public Access Room, 808/587-0478, par@capitol.hawaii.gov, LRBhawaii.org/PAR



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