2018 Regular Session – Statistics

The Governor’s deadline for taking action on bills has passed. If you’re looking for a statistical wrap up of the 2018 Regular Session, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown:

There were 2,260 bills introduced this year. 229 were passed by the Legislature. The Governor signed 212 of those bills into law, allowed 8 to become law without his signature, and vetoed 8. The remaining bill, SB 2922 HD1, is a proposed Constitutional Amendment (ConAm). The Governor does not take action on ConAms; they are put on the General Election Ballot and voted on by the people.

Here are some links:

Bills passed by the Legislature this Session (which includes 18 carryover bills from last session)

Bills signed by the Governor (which includes 17 carryover bills from last session)

Bills that became law without the Governor’s signature

Bills that were vetoed (which includes 1 carryover bill from last session)

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

All 2018 Acts


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