A Long Session of Third Readings

The First Decking deadline for bills is Friday, March 4th — to survive, a bill must pass out of all the committees it was referred to in its originating chamber and be scheduled (“decked”) for a Third Reading vote on the floor of the House or Senate chamber.

Some bills have already passed that Third Reading vote, and are on their way to crossing over to the other chamber. A large number of bills, though, are being scheduled to be voted on during session on Tuesday, March 8th. As a result, both the House and Senate start things off early that day, and the sessions are broadcast on Olelo here on Oahu, and sent out to the neighbor islands’ PEG access channels. Want to watch? Here’s the info:

  • 9:00 a.m. House Floor Session (House Chambers)
    • Oahu: Olelo Channel 55
    • Transmitted Live to the Neighbor Islands
  • 9:30 a.m. Senate Floor Session (Senate Chambers)
    • Oahu: Olelo Channel 53
    • Tape delayed to the Neighbor Islands

Either broadcast can be watched on your computer by going to olelo.org and selecting the appropriate Oahu channel number.

Neighbor island viewers may consult the resources listed below for broadcast information.

  • Kauai:  Hoike Community Television (hoike.org), phone (808) 246-1556
  • Maui:  Akaku – Maui Community Television (akaku.org), phone (808) 871-5554
  • Big Island: Na Leo TV (naleo.tv), phone (808) 935-8874 or (808) 329-9617
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