2015 Session has Started! Where are the Bills?

From January 21st through January 29th, we’ll see thousands of bills introduced…  Here’s how to find them…

On The Hawaii State Legislature’s website (www.capitol.hawaii.gov), click on the “Rreports and listseports and Lists” icon that appears near center screen.


You’ll be interested in the first two links that appear on the right:

House Bills with Action Taken in 2015 Only

Senate Bills with Action Taken in 2015 Only

You’ll find the results in a convenient list format that you can easily review. The bills will be listed in order (HB1, HB2, HB3, etc.).

Scroll down the list, glancing at bill titles and descriptions, clicking on to the .pdf symbol on the left if you come to a bill that you want to review. Make note of the bills you’re interested in. You’ll want to add them to your “Hearing Notification” list, and/or your “Measure Tracking” list.

You can search for a particular bill using a word or phrase that is likely to appear in its title or description — just use your web browser’s search function ( <ctrl> F) will work in many of them).  Tips on finding particular bills can be found on our measure tracking handout.

Note: If you’re looking for bills introduced by a particular legislator or that are part of a bill package, look at the menu of options that appears on the left of the “Reports and Lists” page.  There’s a wealth of information to be found!

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