Miss the recent informational briefing? Watch it whenever you like!

If a committee hearing or informational briefing aired as part of the Legislative Broadcast Project, you can watch it at your leisure by going to the Senate and House broadcast pages.

Here’s how to navigate to those pages:

– On the right-hand side of the Legislature’s website (capitol.hawaii.gov), go to the box under the picture of the Capitol and find the “Broadcasts” link.

Follow the "Broadcasts" link

Follow the “Broadcasts” link

– On the Broadcasts page, select either Senate or House Webstreaming. (If it was a joint hearing or info briefing, you can choose either one.)

– Find the event you’re interested in, and watch away! You also have the option of just listening to the audio portion of the proceedings.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 1) It may take a week or so for the video to be posted. 2) It will only be posted if it was broadcast. If you’re not sure, check with the Public Access Room (par@capitol.hawaii.gov or 808/587-0478).

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