New Bills being Introduced — Where to Find Them!

The 2014 Legislative Session is underway, and new bills are being introduced and referred to committees. Here we go! Time to start asking committee chairs to schedule bills for hearings and to offer testimony on measures already scheduled to be heard.

But first off: where are the bills that have been introduced?

The “Reports and Lists” button can be found in the center screen of the Legislature’s website ( From there, just click on either “House Bills for 2014” or “Senate Bills for 2014” for the newly added bills and their descriptions. (These lists also include any carryover bills from 2013 that show activity this session.) The deadline to introduce bills is Thursday, January 23rd, so these lists will continue to grow.

Want some help in understanding the process and how to organize your information? Contact the Public Access Room (808/587-0478 or for help.

Note: For lists that include all of the carryover bills as well as the ones introduced this session, just click on the “House Bills for both 2013 and 2014” and “Senate Bills for both 2013 and 2014” links.


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2 Responses to New Bills being Introduced — Where to Find Them!

  1. autumn rose says:

    who’s Gene Tsukiyama? that’s the person who answered ph no. 586-0478 — wrong number?

    My question, about your Tues. noon workshops/presentation… how long is it (noon to ?), and how many people can you accommodate?  Mahalo, wynnie hee


    • Aloha! Oops! We made a mistake — the phone number is 587-0478. Try again!

      Regarding the Tuesday noon and Thursday 5:30 p.m. workshops — they’re about an hour long (we can continue the conversation if there are lots of questions!). We can accommodate 5 people at each session. We also do group workshops, as time and scheduling allow. Thanks for your interest!

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