It’s beginning to look a lot like Session…

If you look at the “Current Hearings” section on the Legislature’s homepage (, you may find an informational briefing that has something to do with the budget! The Senate Ways and Means Committee and the House Finance Committee started out on 12/18/13 with a joint informational briefing that included presentations regarding the Governor’s financial plan and the Council on Revenues’ revenue estimates. This will be followed by a series of informational briefings with Executive departments and agencies to elicit information on their expenditures and operational needs.

A number of these briefings will be broadcast. To find out what’s currently scheduled to be aired, go to the Legislature’s website and click on the “Broadcasts” link (in the box underneath the picture on the right hand side of the page). From there, the Capitol TV Broadcasts link will bring you to the current schedule with Oahu channel information. Neighbor island residents should check with their local listings for televised coverage.

If you’re not near a TV set when the briefing or hearing is being aired, you can watch the proceedings live by going to Olelo’s website ( and selecting the Oahu channel.

If you’ve missed a broadcast, click on Senate Webstreaming or House Webstreaming to view the proceedings you’ve missed.

Questions? The Public Access Room may be able to assist you. Contact us at 808/587-0478 or

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2 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like Session…

  1. Ute R says:

    Good Morning.
    By accident I tuned into the morning program on HPR and learned about this website . Most importantly … the person who represented the “room” was outstanding in her presentation. Eloquent, knowledgeable, kind no ahs no ohs … Impressive. Not sure of her name and no time to look it up. Susan? Not sure.
    Hawaii is lucky to have you!!!!


  2. Glad you found us! Yes — Suzanne Marinelli, Public Access Coordinator, joined in on “The Conversation” this morning and was her usual eloquent and knowledgeable self. Thanks for your kind words!

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