Special Session Hearing Scheduled

A bill regarding same sex marriage (SB1 Relating to Equal Rights) and its first public hearing notice are now posted on the Second Special Session’s webpage (http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/splsession.aspx?year=2013b). The Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor (JDL) has scheduled the hearing for Monday, October 28, at 10:30 a.m. in the Capitol Auditorium (located on the Chamber level). Information on submitting testimony is available on the hearing notice.

Please contact the Public Access Room (PAR) at 587-0478 or par@capitol.hawaii.gov if you have questions or need assistance.

The Legislature’s website (capitol.hawaii.gov) has an easily visible link in its “Recent Updates” section that brings you to the Second Special Session’s webpage.

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2 Responses to Special Session Hearing Scheduled

  1. rose garcia says:

    How do I submit testimony to the cocommittes finance and judiciary meeting re marriage equality?

    • There are two ways to submit written testimony in regard to SB1, Relating to Equal Rights. They can be found on the hearing notice.

      There is no special format required for written testimony.

      That said, you will want to make sure to:
      • Include your name (you’d be surprised how often this gets overlooked!).
      • Address your testimony to the committee (in this case, “The House Committees on Judiciary and Finance”).
      • Mention the measure you are testifying on (SB1).
      • Include the date and time of the hearing (October 31st, 10:00 a.m.).
      • Indicate whether or not you’ll be present to testify in person.

      We also encourage you to prominently state at the beginning of your testimony whether you support or oppose the legislation.

      The legislature is providing two different ways to submit your testimony. Choose one method only. Do not submit your testimony multiple times.

      1) Online Form: Go the the Legislature’s website, http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov. Click on the “Submit Testimony” button. After logging in, you’ll be asked to complete a simple form and then will have the choice of whether to type your testimony in the “comments” box or attach it as a document (much as you would attach a document to an email). Note: If this is your first time offering testimony via the online form, you’ll have to first register your email address and create a password; you’ll have to access your email account to confirm your registration before you proceed.

      2) In person: Deliver 1 copy of your testimony to the House Clerk’s Office in Room 027 (located in the Makai/Ewa corner of the chamber, or underground, level) of the Hawaii State Capitol on the corner of Beretania Street and Punchbowl (415 S. Beretania Street).

      Please contact the Public Access Room (PAR) at 587-0478 or par@capitol.hawaii.gov if you have questions or need further assistance.

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