Should the Governor Sign the Bill? Veto It? Let him know!

Monday, June 24, is the deadline for the Governor to provide the Legislature with his “intent to veto” list.  Is there a bill that you think should be on it? Or, one you think should be signed into law? Let him know!

Email: Visit the Governor’s website at and go to the “Contact Us” page. Scroll down, and you’ll find a link to “Contact Governor Abercrombie and his staff.” Use the form to send an email message regarding a piece of legislation that’s on the Governor’s desk.

Phone: The Governor’s office can be reached at 808/586-0034.

What bills are on his desk? It’s a good idea to have the correct bill number when you write or call. To find a list of the bills that are currently pending before the Governor, go to the Legislature’s website ( and then click on the icon, “Reports and Lists.” Scroll down to the section titled “Governor’s Actions” and select the link that reads, “Bills Pending Governor’s Action.” You’ll find an easy to navigate list that lists the bills and their descriptions, with hyperlinks that enable you to explore their history, committee reports and testimony received during session.

Questions? Contact the Public Access Room (PAR) at or 808/587-0478.

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