Hearings are Underway!

January 24th was the cut-off deadline for the introduction of bills. The bills for the 2013 Session are now all in the “hopper.”

The Legislature’s home page (www.capitol.hawaii.gov) has a wealth of new tools available to the public.

  • Scroll through the Hearing Notices that have been posted — you’ll see them in the lower-center of the screen on the Legislature’s homepage.
  • Click on the “Reports and Lists” icon to help locate and track bills. Use the links for “House bills” and “Senate bills” to browse through a comprehensive list, or use the categories on the left-side of the screen to customize reports based on committee referrals, introducer, package or other parameters.
  • Click on the “Hearing Notification” icon to sign-up for e-mail notifications of the hearings and have your supporters on stand-by. Time is usually short, so this is a great way to be prepared!
  • Use the “Submit Testimony” icon to add your voice to the process.

Much of navigating the website is intuitive, but you can also sign up for one of PAR’s workshops (every Tuesday at 12:00 noon and Thursday at 5:30 p.m.) to learn about the legislative process and gain tips on how to effectively use the website and other resources.

Phone: 808/587-0478  or  Email: par@capitol.hawaii.gov

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