2012 Legislative Session Calendar

Aloha, and Happy New Year! The 2012 Legislative Session Calendar has now been established and the Public Access Room has created a color-coded version. It helps distinguish “bill,” “resolution,” and “budget” deadlines from one another.  As ever, useful information relating to all the various deadlines appears on the reverse side. Download it from here: http://hawaii.gov/lrb/par/fyi/calendar12.pdf .

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2 Responses to 2012 Legislative Session Calendar

  1. Neil Kramer says:

    I was wondering if the public are allowed to go and watch legislative sessions in person?

    • Yes, absolutely. You’ll see the Session convene times at the top of the Legislature’s homepage (www.capitol.hawaii.gov). In addition, you may want to attend one or more of the public hearings that are currently being held. You can come and watch, or come and offer testimony! For a list of hearings, scroll down on the Legislature’s homepage — they appear center screen. Call or email Public Access Room (587-0478 or par@capitol.hawaii.gov) if you’d like additional information or assistance.

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