Legislative Statistics for Regular Session of 2011

The 2011 Regular Session is pauadjournment sine die was on May 5, 2011. Of the 3,224 bills introduced, a total of 252 bills passed out of the Legislature and were sent on to the Governor. 

The following table provides an overall number of Bills, Acts, and Vetoes (as of May 9, 2011).  Updates on these statistics — which will change as bills are signed, vetoed, or allowed to become law without signature — can be found on the Hawaii Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) website (http://hawaii.gov/lrb).  Want help understanding the process? Interested in a particular measure? Call or email the Public Access Room (PAR) — 587-0478 or par@capitol.hawaii.gov. 

Introduced Passed Acts Vetoes
Senate Bills 1,559 122 27 1
House Bills 1,665 130 23 1
Total 3,224 252 50 2

The following table shows the number of Senate and House Concurrent and regular Resolutions passed.

Introduced Adopted
Senate Concurrent Resolutions 178 13
Senate Resolutions 114 23
House Concurrent Resolutions 318 34
House Resolutions 308 117
Total 918 187
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