Is the hearing being broadcast?

Wondering if you can watch a committee hearing or floor session on your television set or online? Check out the schedule of legislative broadcasts by going to the Capitol TV website : .

They’ll list everything that’s being broadcast, its Oahu channels and whether the coverage is being broadcast live or tape-delayed to the Neighbor Islands.

  • If you’re on a Neighbor Island, and want to find out if your PEG (Public, Education and Government) access channel is going to carry the feed, contact your PEG directly:  Hawaii Island (Na Leo ‘O Hawai‘i) Oceanic Time Warner Cable Channel 52 (, phone (808) 935-8874 (Hilo) or (808) 329-9617 (Kailua-Kona); Kauai (Ho‘ike) Oceanic Time Warner Cable Channel 53 (, phone (808) 246-1556; Maui, Molokai and Lanai (Akaku) Oceanic Time Warner Cable Channel 54 (, phone (808) 871-5554.
  • Prefer to watch on your computer? For anything being broadcast, you can watch it stream live on Olelo’s website:
  • Miss something that’s been broadcast?  If it was a Senate proceeding, you can watch it “on demand” on your computer – go to the Senate page on the Legislature’s website ( ) and select “Senate Webcasts – Pilot Project.” If it was a House or Joint Senate/House proceeding, or you want a ‘hard copy’ of the proceeding, your best option is to check the Capitol TV website for re-broadcast times – you can then set your recording device to capture whatever it was you missed.
  • Want to order a DVD? Contact our office and we’ll get you started on the request. Please note that there is a cost involved for DVDs.


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