Participate in the Legislative Process

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are now organized, bills are being introduced and committees are scheduling hearings. The Public Access Room (PAR) is there to help you participate. A few notes, as things get underway:

  • The Legislature’s website ( has enhanced its committee pages – for any particular committee, you can now view not only its members, but also the measures currently in its hands, the hearings it has scheduled and news and information related to its proceedings.  Just go to the “House” or “Senate” page, select “Committees” and go from there.
  • Do you receive email alerts when a hearing is scheduled?  Now that all the legislative committees have been formed, don’t forget to update your alert list.  And remember, you can also request to be advised when particular bills or resolutions are scheduled.  Go to the “subscribe to hearing notices by e-mail” link on the Legislature’s “Bill Status and Documents” page.
  • Want to see all the bills introduced? Don’t forget the ‘list of lists’ down near the bottom of the “Bill Status and Documents” page (the list is actually entitled, “2011 Regular Session Bills Introduced, Passed, and Vetoed”). This is where you’ll find lists of all Senate Bills and House Bills, in a format that’s easy to browse and export.
    • Interested in seeing documents published on a particular day? This is also where you will find the links to the “Daily Documents” reports.

Questions? Call or email PAR (808/587-0478 or ).



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